Who We Are

Automax Tyre Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is an esteemed professional manufacturer and supplier of tyres and rims in China.

The factory holds area of 360 thousand square meters with modern and advanced producing facilities. The main products cover TBR tyres, PCR tyres, OTR tyres, Steel and Aluminum Rims etc. Most of the products have been authenticated by CCC, DOT, ECE, GCC, TUV, REACH, NOM, LATU, SONCAP, INMETRO and ISO/TS16949. So far, we have set up marketing channels in over 60 countries all over the world.

production process

Mixing Process > Making Semi-products > Tyre Forming Process > Vulcanization process > Final Inspection process > Storage

1. Mixing Process

Mixing process is to mix natural /synthetic rubber, oil, additives, accelerator, carbon black and many kinds of chemicals into the Internal Mixer to make the final compound.

2. Making Semi-products

Extruding machine make the different semi-finished rubber components: the tread, the side wall and triangle strip Calender machine produce the cord fabric which to be used as carcass and belt ply after being cut.

3. Tyre Forming Process

Tyre Forming process is assemble all the semi-finished products into tyre embryo in the molding machine. The tyre embryo is not be curing, then it’ll be sent to Vulcanization process after test.

4. Vulcanization process

The tyre embryo is put on vulcanizer, in the mould with appropriate time and conditions, then get finished products tires after appropriate period.

5. Final Inspection process

The finished tyre must be inspected by X-ray machine then go to warehouse.

6. Storage

The finished tyres should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.

latest news

  • Natural Rubber Price droping

  • Tyre Price going to increase after a long time decrease

  • Rubber Price Increasing recently


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